Finding a job after graduation can be an extremely daunting task. Even after completing the internships, earning that degree, and collecting references you still may find yourself wondering if you could have done more; if you should have done something else in college. There will be those questions, troubling questions, like what wrong you may be doing, or should you have done something else or should you move to another city and stuff like that. It feels like being thrown in the deep end and having to find your way out or alternatively drowning in the sea of life. But truthfully, it doesn’t matter where you live, what you majored in, or how much experience you have, job searching is a job in itself and will be always be challenging.

However, the following tips will help you survive the challenging waters of job hunting.

Trim your expectations on the results

do not expect instant results when it comes to job searching. Be patient to wait out the rush of candidates, that’s after graduation. Eventually they will be a lull in applications and you also need to be constant in sending your applications in order to take advantage of these prime opportunities. Be aware of the changing trends in hiring as well.

Always bear an open-mind

when searching through career websites or other places, use different key words and different specifications too. Begin focusing on your qualifications instead of job titles. In short, the cliché “think outside the box” is quite relevant. Always ask yourself in relation to my qualifications what else can I do and this should guide your job search.

Do not give up and settle for less

you need to build a thick skin and keep you head up, and never should you settle for less. Finding a job in a specific field can be extremely difficult especially if you are determined let’s say to stay in a set location. Although you may need an income don’t give up after a few months of searching for a job and settle for something you shouldn’t be doing. Keep looking; keep your hopes high or at the very least, look for positions that improve your skill set for your dream job. Remember nothing lasts forever; even the darkest of nights will surely pass.

Never think you are too good for any position

Just because you have graduated doesn’t mean you have moved on from internship phase. It’s a dream of every fresh graduate to get a full time job immediately after graduation, but this doesn’t happen for everyone. Be open to take opportunities like internships, they are amazing channels that sometimes lead to full-time positions.

Go on and Network

This is always true, to can’t hang out with chicken and expect to soar with the eagles is delusional. Do activities that will widen your network. Don’t grow cold feet in making contacts. Join young professional groups meet others in your fields and follow up those connections on LinkedIn or Google+. Let friends know what you are up to. Don’t be afraid to let them know you need help in making contacts. Understand the importance of networking. It’s a great way to create new connections, gain mentors, and learn about a great deal on your field.

Stay Positive

This sounds cliché, but bears quite loads of truth. Remember you use twice energy in being negative than staying positive. There will be those voices, mocking you that you got it wrong and you are headed to doom. Remind yourself constantly why you chose your field and don’t let those negative voices and opinions get you down.

In conclusion, remember everyone starts someone, and it is in these humble beginnings that great destinies are born.